20 Powerful Prayers to conquer Diabetes

20 Powerful Prayers conquer Diabetes

Several reports including one by the American Diabetes Association posit that well over 25 million people have been diagnosed with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes the US. Diabetes is a disease that hinders the hormone responsible for producing insulin to function properly.

And if the insulin hormone behaves abnormally, it could lead to high levels of glucose into the bloodstream, which can eventually result in serious health problems such as heart disease, vision loss and kidney problems.

Types of Diabetes

There are three main types of diabetes; these are type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes occurred when the body attacked itself. (It is often referred to as autoimmune reaction). This reaction stops the hormone that is responsible for producing insulin to stopped functioning.

The cause of type 1 diabetes is still unknown to the medical practitioner.

Type 2 Diabetes

According to medical reports, about 90-95% of people with diabetes have type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body refuses to use insulin effectively. Type 2 diabetes is often diagnosed in young children, teens and young adults.

Causes of type 2 diabetes are yet unknown but there are some contributing factors such as genetics and obesity.

Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes affects mostly pregnant women. And this type, if not well treated could later lead to type 2 diabetes and as well affect the baby when later.

What are the Symptoms of Diabetes?

  • General symptoms of diabetes include:
  • Excessive urination
  • Dry, itchy skin
  • Blurry vision
  • Fatigue or drowsiness
  • Slow healing wound
  • Excessive thirst and hunger

Does God cure diseases?

There are many instances in the Bible where the Lord Jesus performed extraordinary miracles which include healing of deadly diseases. Most people of know little about God’s healing power and how to receive it.

God heals, even in this present time, he performed miracles. Only those who have the secret do enjoy the miracles of healing. The secret to receiving healing for your diabetes disease is Faith.  Faith in Christ Jesus can heal you from any diseases including diabetes.

God wants you to believe that he can heal you of your diseases (Hebrews 11:6). Faith is the first ever thing you needed in order to be healed of your diabetes disease. Once you have excised faith, then, prayer will be made simple.

Bible verses for Diabetes Prayer

Diabetes is a disease and the disease comes from the Devil. So, as a diabetic patient, you need to engage in warfare of prayers. When praying, it is important to pray with the sword of God (THE BIBLE). Here are the following scriptures to read and to declare in faith against diabetes disease.

  • The Lord God gives power even to the tired and the worrisome. Diabetes disease drains energy from its patient; it makes them weak, lean and unhealthy.  Isaiah 40:29
  • God is the God of healer, and there is nothing too hard for Him. He heals the broken-hearted and set the captives free. God wants to set you free from the captivity of diabetes disease. Psalm 30:2
  • It is very important to drop any iniquities if you want to be healed from this deadly diabetes disease. God wants you to keep and obey his commandments; he wants to be holy and to be clean. Exodus 15: 26
  • God wants you to cry out unto him in serious prayer. Remember, prayer is very essential in the healing process of diabetes. God heals prayers and surely he will answer your prayers. Psalms 107:19-21

Prayers for the diabetic

1.  Father in Jesus Name, I thank you because you are the God of healer, and there is nothing under the earth that is too hard for you. Father, I thank you because as I want to seek your face in prayer regarding this deadly diabetes disease that is affecting my life, I thank you because my prayers will be answered.

Father, you said in your words that I should call upon your name, and you will answer me. Lord, I come unto you at this very hour, every sickness of diabetes in my body, let your healing power do the perfect work of healing in Jesus Name.

2. Lord Jesus, I come against every Spirit of tiredness, fever, frequent urination and every related disease attaching to diabetes, Lord, I come against them in the mighty name of Jesus.

3. Lord, I believe in your authority. Your Authority supersedes every other power. I take authority in your name as of this moment over diabetes disease.

4. In the name of Jesu, I come against every evil disease that the enemy has deposited into my body. I pray in the name of Jesus. Be pulled out!!!

5. I pray in the name of Jesus, the Miracle worker, every root of diabetes in my body system, be uprooted in the name of the Jesus in heaven, Amen.

6. Every demon that is tormenting my body with diabetes, be blinded and be cashed out from my body in Jesus Name.

7. Lord Almighty, you are the one that wake-up Lazarus from the dead after three days, I pray that at this moment, every power of diabetes in my body, be send out in Jesus Name.

8. By the power in the Unfailing name of Jesus, I decree every spring and causes every of diabetes in my body should dry up now in Jesus’ name.

10. God of Miracle, lay your healing hands upon my body and let there be an unceasing supply of Insulin and all that my systems need to flourish again in Jesus’ name, Amen.

11. Lord Jesus, every serious health complication (such as heart disease, vision loss, and kidney disease) that may want to arise as a result of this diabetes diagnosis, I trample them by the power of the most High God in Jesus Name. Amen.

12. Heavenly Father, every evil damage that this deadly diabetes has caused in my body system, by the authority in the name of Jesus, be repaired.

13. Lord, touch the hormone responsible for producing insulin in my body

14. Every instance of too much blood sugar flowing in my blood stream, Lord Jesus, I pray that it come normalize in Jesus Name.

15. I release myself from every bondage of diabetes in Jesus’ name, Amen.

16. O God of heaven, restore my blood with your blood in Jesus’ name

17. Every Symptoms of diabetes such as blurry vision, headaches etc, I am healed from them in Jesus Name

18. Every power that is trying to kill me with diabetes, I pray the Holy Spirit from God should remove them in Jesus Name

19. Lord, let your Holy Spirit fortifies my Spirit, soul and body against diabetes in Jesus Name.

20. Release me from every stronghold and captive of diabetes and let every cell that has stopped functioning as they should come back to live again in Jesus name.


I believe saying these prayers listed could be a great turning point in your life. For I know surely that God almighty answer prayers. I will be eager tohearg your testimony in the comment section. God bless and heal you. Amen

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