30 Positive Good Morning Prayers for Blessings

30 Positive Good Morning Prayers for Blessings

The importance of prayers in the life of Christians can never be overemphasized. A lot of lives has been changed and people with diverse problem ( physically or spiritually) has been delivered from the hands of the devil through the mighty works of prayer.

Prayer means linking up to the almighty God to make a request.  It is (prayer) a great privilege given to the sons of men, unfortunately, many are ignorant of this opportunity while some deliberately neglect it and herby deny themselves of the immense benefits that come through the practice of prayer.

God has a lot of blessings for his people, but these blessings can only be released through prayer. if only people can pray, there is nothing impossible for Christ to do.

The Importance of Morning Prayer

One of the best times to seek the face of the lord in prayer is in the morning. In  Mark 1:35, We can see how Jesus Christ who is our perfect example demonstrated the acts of praying in the morning.

Here are some benefits of early morning prayers

  1. Your Spirit, soul and body are afresh.
  1. Communication with God before talking to any other person is a great respect to God.
  1. There are no earthly disturbances such as noise
  1. An avenue to surrender your day to God’s hand

Things to consider before morning prayers

Before we pray to God, certain conditions must be followed for our prayers to be answered.

  1. Run Away From Sin: Sin is one of the great hindrances that hinder prayers from being answered. God is holy and righteous, and anyone who must come to Him via prayer must be righteous too. Pray the prayer of forgiveness before you start talking to God.
  1. Let your Faith be Strong: You must believe that your prayers will be answered. God sees your heart and you can’t deceive him with just vain talking. God wants to see you believing in Him even before you start praying.

Positive Good Morning Blessing Prayers

  1. Father Lord, I want to thank you for the opportunity to see the light of the day. I bless your Holy name for preserving my life while sleeping, May your name be glorified in Jesus’ Name.
  1. Dear God, I thank you because already, my day is blessed. I thank you because today, your favour and mercy will overshadow my life. Holy God, be glorified.
  1. Lord, as I want to set my foot outside, preserve me from every arrow of the enemy flying around in Jesus Name
  1. Lord, I bind every evil spell flying around. I am covered with the blood of Jesus.
  1. Lord, let your Angels be my protector everywhere I find myself today.
  1. God, I commit everything I will be doing into your hands, I pray that you will guide me in Jesus’ Name.
  1. Lord, I pray for your divine mercy and favour upon my life and my endeavour in Jesus’ Name.
  1. God, as I am going out today, let your hands be upon me in Jesus’ Name.
  1. Lord, as you said in your word that goodness and mercy will follow me, I claim this promise today. let your goodness and mercy follow me throughout today in Jesus’ Name.
  1. I pray today oh lord, all my desires shall be granted today in Jesus’ Name.
  1. Lord, as I am going out this morning, open my eyes to discover the opportunities that are within me and help me to practically take that opportunity in Jesus’ Name.
  1.  Lord, am praying for fruitfulness. I pray that I will be fruitful in whatsoever I laid my hands upon in Jesus Nam.
  1.  Lord Jesus, am praying that you will watch over me and keep me away from my enemy in Jesus’ Name.
  1. God of riches, please visit me with prosperity today in Jesus’ Name.
  1. Lord, you are the Jehovah – Jireh, I declare provision of abundant blessings upon my life in Christ Jesus’ Name.
  1.  God, you are the mighty one in battle, I pray in Jesus’ Name that, In every obstacle in my way today, I will overcome.
  1. Lord I pray, that every difficulty shall be made easy in my life in Jesus’ Name.
  1.  I pray today that I will find success, joy, peace, prosperity and abundant success in Jesus’ Name.
  1. Today, I will have many reasons to smile and to rejoice in the mighty name of Jesus.
  1. Lord, for every one of the goals and aspirations that I have set, I pray in the mighty name of Jesus, I will achieve them today in Jesus Name.
  1. No weapon that will be formed against me today will prosper in the name of Jesus.
  1. Lord, all the blessings I have lost in the time past, I pray that it will be restored to me today in Jesus’ Name.
  1. Lord, I am praying for divine helpers. today, raise helpers that will lift me up in the name of Jesus.
  1. Lord, open the doors of blessings for me today in Jesus’ Name.
  1. I pray that today, the enemies will not stop me from achieving my target in Jesus’ Name.
  1. I pray that today, I will enjoy the fullness of God’s glory in my life in the mighty Name of Jesus.
  1. Lord, today, bless the work of my hands.
  1. Oh lord, direct my steps today. May I not fall into mistakes in Jesus’ Name.
  1.  Lord, I declare property upon my life in Jesus’ Name.
  1. Lord today, there shall be showers of blessing upon my life in Jesus’ Name.
  1. As am going out this morning, I pray breakthrough in my business in Jesus’ Name.
  1. Lord, as you gave King Solomon wisdom, I pray for divine wisdom that will guide me for the order of today in Christ Jesus’ Name.
  1. God, you are the God of miracles and wonders,  May I experience miracles today in Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

Morning Prayers command the day. We urge you to say those prayers in faith. And we believe you will have a fruitful and abundant day in Christ Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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