20+ Potent Healing Scriptures and Prayers

20+ Potent Healing Scriptures and Prayers

The greatest doctor on earth is God. There is no other physician that is more than him. Earthly doctors are limited in their power, some deadly diseases are still impossible to cure. But with God, there is no Impossibility. 

Christ came to the world to deliver people from the power and torture of Satan.  Sickness and diseases come from Satan and except if one prayed to the God of heaven, One’s livelihood could be lived in sicknesses.

In this article, we are going to look at some Biblical verses that one can use to knock off sickness from one’s body. 

20+ Powerful healing scriptures and prayers

  1. 3 John 1:12: Father, unto you I come, you have promised in your words that I will prosper in all things even in my health. I pray in the name of Jesus that you remove every sickness from my body, let your power descend upon me, and let every element of sickness be dried up. Amen


  1. Isaiah 53: 1-5: Dear Lord, I bless your name because you are the compassionate one, you came to the lord purposely to die for me, you were crucified for my iniquities, and by your strife I am healing from every symptom of diseases in Jesus name. 


  1. Psalm 103:2-2: I thank you for your promise of good and sound health. At this very moment, I declare that all illness in my body is destroyed. Amen


  1. Proverbs 4:20-22: Father, I come humbly to the throne of mercy, I am asking for forgiveness of my sins. I released that sinning allowed Satan to inflict me with sickness. Now that I have repented, I pray dear Lord that your word which is light, should heal me right now in the name of Jesus. 


  1. Matthew 9:20-22: It was through your supernatural power that the woman with the issues of blood received her healing. By faith, I received my healing in Jesus’ name. 


  1. Luke 6:19: Let your divine healing flow from heaven to my body right now in Jesus’ name.


  1. Psalm 118:17: Dear Father in heaven, I declared in the name of Jesus,  that I will not die of any sickness, I will live long in good and sound health and I will serve the Lord faithfully in those years in Jesus’ name. 


  1. Isaiah 41:10: You said in your words that I should not fear anything because you are always there with me. Lord, this sickness is getting too serious in my life, I have tried all my knowledge but they all proved abortive. Lord god, I am now relying on your power and your promises, I believe in your power and your name. Sickness be removed from my life in the mighty name of Jesus. 


  1. Jeremiah 30:17: Every good health that sickness has taken away from my body, I pray unto you dear Jesus, restore them right now. Amen


  1. Revelation 12:11: I believe in your precious blood just as it worked in the old times way. I use the blood of Jesus Christ to saturate my entire body system, let your healing blood purge out every element of sickness flowing in my body in the name of Jesus. 


  1. 1 John 5:14-15: You assured us in your word that anything that we demand in your name, that, it will be freely given to us. Jesus, I am using this scripture as a prayer point that you terminate every sickness that is reigning in my body in Jesus’ name. 


  1. James 4:14-16: You said in your words that the effective servant prayers of the man of God are always answers. I pray that you turn my diseases into sound health. Amen


  1. James 4:7: I declare that every sickness in my body disappears in Jesus’ name.


  1. Hebrews 11:11: It was by your power that Sarah received the strength to conceive and later gave birth. Lord, I pray that your power of healing from all sickness should descend upon me now. Amen


  1. Galatians 2:13-14: I believe in your existence, and by your power, Satan is powerless. I speak to you I mountain of sickness, be cast off away from. my body system in the name of Jesus.


  1. 2 Corinthians 10;5: Every altar of sickness that has been raised to inflict my body, that has been raised against my life to be visiting from.one hospital to another. I cursed such a power in the name of the lord of the host which is Jesus. Amen


  1. Roman 8:11: The miraculous power that raised Jesus from the dead after he had been buried three days should descend upon me right now in the mighty name of Jesus. 


  1. Acts 10:38: As you cast away people that have been oppressed by evil spirits in the Bible, I pray in the name of Jesus, every evil of sickness that is manipulating and torturing my body system, be cast out. Amen


  1. Luke 13:16: As you have compassion upon the daughter of Abraham in the scriptures, have compassion on me and heal me from.my diseases in the mighty name of Jesus.


  1. Mark 16:14-18: Anyone that has set a trap of sickness for me, waiting for me to fall, I burned those traps in Jesus’ name.


  1. Mark 11:22-24: You gave the assurance in this scripture that whatsoever I bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, by the name of Jesus, your element of sickness in my body, be bound in Jesus’ name.


  1. Mark 10:27: I believe that in your name,  all things are possible. By your healing power, Lazarus from the dead, it’s by your power that turned water to wine, it’s by your power that raised Jesus from the grave after their days.


Dear Lord God, I present my body to you, that you perform a surgical operation upon my body and let me receive my perfect healing in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen and amen. 

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