Prayers When You Dreamt Someone Urinated On Your Hands 

Prayers When You Dreamt Someone Urinated On Your Hands 

Urine is a waste product passed in the form of salty, colored (and sometimes, smelly) fluids from the body through the urethra. This kind of waste product is meant to be passed out somewhere humans will not normally use as a dwelling spot, for example, a toilet. It is therefore common sense that it should not be in contact with things people use, let alone touching a person’s body directly. 

As a result of this, when you have dreams about something such as a person urinating on your hands, it might cause you to feel uneasy. The reason you feel uneasy is partly because you don’t know the meaning of the dream or its significance, and partly because you do not know what to pray about.

In this article, we will help you break down this kind of dream, and also give you prayers you should pray about or against the spirit of someone urinating on your hands. 

Interpreting and understanding the meaning of dreams are very subjective, and largely depend on the particular person who dreamt it, especially in dreams involving urinating. Even though these dreams are shaped by personal thoughts and based mostly on the host’s experiences, there are some generalities about them. It is on these generalities that we will build the basis of our guidelines on prayers for when you dream of someone peeing on your hand. 

Cleansing or Purification

There are different facets to interpreting a dream where you see someone urinating on your hands. Typically, when you have dreams where you see yourself drenched in water, or any other liquids be it sweat, drink, or urine, it could possibly mean a need to undergo a purification process.

Urine on your body, whether yours or someone else’s, is a thing of filth and must be washed away as soon as possible. Seeing your hands drenched in another person’s urine in your dreams signifies you have to go for cleansing and purification. Your hands have probably been soiled in an immoral or sinful act which can prove disastrous if not corrected. Dreaming of this could be a suggestion that you undergo spiritual cleansing, confess, and repent of any sin you might have been involved in.

Prayers for Cleansing and Purification 

  1. Father Lord, I need the strength to confess my sins, repent of them, and never fall short of your glory again. I know that you are a merciful God, and your forgiveness is abundant, Your grace is sufficient, dear God, I pray you grant me all of these.
  2. Heavenly Father, I need the power to identify the parts of my life that are unclean, help me recognize the parts of me that need cleansing and purification. Guide me God, and help me make better choices that only honor you and not man or flesh.
  3. Dear Lord, I come before you today to plea your cleansing spirit over my life, come wash and sanctify me from filth and dirtiness. Dear God, cleanse my heart today, my hands too, wash away my impurities and things I do that threaten to remove me from your holy presence.
  4. I pray this day dear God for your endless flow of purification, let your purifying love and mercies wash me clean of any spirit of filth or waste.
  5. Thank You mighty God. Your word in 1 John 1:9 says that if “we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” Lord, I pray for your mercy and forgiveness over my life today as you have promised.

Soiling Your Handiworks

As earlier made known, it is necessary to employ the holy spirit to discern what your dreams truly mean, as there are different kinds of prayers for each interpretation. When you dream that someone is urinating on your hands, it could mean that evil forces are hell bent on soiling your good works. You could be undertaking a major project in your life, career, or community, but an evil power will rather not see you succeed in them. 

Urine in your hands is a symbolism that means the things you labored for are under attack from evil doers, and if you do not pray against such, all your efforts will end up useless. Whoever urinates on your hand does not mean well for you, and they would do anything to soil your personality with dirtiness, even lie and do despicable things to drag you down into mud. Dreams that involve someone urinating on your hands may mean that they intend to cause you humiliation and disrespect in your social and work sphere.

Prayers Against Soiling Your Handiworks 

  1. Heavenly Father King of Hosts, guide me, direct me as I chart through my career and relationship with people. Foster my relationship with people who truly want the best for me, help me maintain a healthy boundary with people I shouldn’t be too close to, terminate any relationship or companionship with people who do not want me to attain my best.
  2. Oh Lord, grant me a discerning spirit to know when to say no to shady gestures, and guide me through relating with shady people who are out to ruin my Handiworks.
  3. I pray, Father Lord, for protection over myself, my career, and my personal space. Shield me from harm and guide me through life, in Jesus mighty name.


When you need to fortify yourself with prayers after you see someone urinating on your hands in a dream, it is important to put into consideration the context in which this dream most applies to you. That way, you get a better understanding of where to take your spiritual warfare from. You must then tailor these prayer points to your personal situations. Always remember, God is faithful and hears the cries of the righteous.


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