40 Prayers to Counter Eating in the dream

40 Prayers to Counter Eating in the dream

One of the most severe attacks used by the world of darkness against anyone is to eat in dreams.

It is a bad omen and may be a sign of dark forces at work.

It may also be that the one having this type of dream is under oppression of demonic forces and needs to be free.

According to EvangelistJoshua.com, eating in dreams is a strange arrow from the spirits world and it’s fashioned to cage and knock off your spiritual life.

The bible is clear about the activities of the devil were described as the thief that comes to kill, steal and destroy, when the devil steals, he uses all kinds of demonic apparatus to steal from the future of a man.

Eating in dreams constantly is a nightmare fashioned by the world of darkness and its demonic agents to steal from your future. They use that to steal your elevation, your progress, prosperity, your fervent prayer life, and thus may lead to experiencing constant demotion, rejection and all kinds of life-threatening challenges.

If you’ve been eating in your dreams before now, and it has been happening consistently, it doesn’t matter what type of food you were served in the dream, Kai!

You need to prayerfully seek the face of God to counter the fiery darts of the enemy.

Thank God for our Lord Jesus, because he has given us the victory and the horses and the chariots are thrown ingo the sea.

As you join my faith with yours and pray this prayer, I decree and declare freedom for you in the name of Jesus. Amen.

40 prayers to overcome eating in dreams:

Before you pray these prayers. It’s important that you’re washed and purified by the precious blood of the lamp. Ask the Lord sincerely to forgive and have mercy on you today, tell Him to forgive your trespasses, the little sim, besetting sin, whatever it is that doesn’t bring glory to His name, ask the Lord to help you this very hour.

He said in the book of Isaiah chapter one verse eighteen that though your sins be red as scarlet they shall be white as snow.

Seek his face for a cleansing in Jesus name. Amen.

I pray…

Dear heavenly Father, I bring this vessel before your holy throne right now, they’ve looked up unto you in genuine brokenness for forgiveness of their sins, Lord I ask on their behalf that your mercy speak in Jesus, let the death of Christ on the Cross of Calvary avail for them right now, amen

Now, it’s time to pray these warfare prayers to counter eating in dreams;

First take some time to bless the Lord, and do it heartily, sing a joyful song unto the Lord, for He has done gloriously. The psalmist says thanks be to God who loads us with daily benefits. Sincerely, bless and adore Him.


1. Heavenly Father, I come before You, acknowledging Your sovereignty over my life and my dreams. I pray this moment that every seed of evil and torment sowed into my life through eating in dreams be destroyed in Jesus name.

2. By the power of the Most High God, I today renounce whatever spiritual ties or agreements that brings about eating in my dreams in Jesus name.

3. My heavenly Father, I pray that my dreams are under Your divine protection, and no evil influence can prevail over my life and destiny any more in Jesus name.

4. I rebuke in the Most powerful name of Jesus, that every spirit of manipulation that tries to feed me in my dreams, purposely to break the plans and purpose of God in my life be arrested in Jesus name.

5. In the name of Jesus, let every curse and evil assignment that causes me to eat in my sleep be erased by the precious blood of Jesus, Amen.

6. Dear Lord, I plead the blood of Jesus over my mind and subconscious and I sealing it from all forms of negative influence in Jesus name.

7. In Jesus name, I connect myself right now to the power that cannot fail in the name of Jesus, to release the fire of the Holy Spirit to consume any spiritual food offered to me in dreams in Jesus name.

8. Father in the name of the Jesus in Heaven, I pray that my body and spirit reject any spiritual contamination caused by eating in the dream.

9. Heavenly Father, I come before you today to nullify any demonic ritual or initiation associated with eating in dreams, by the power of Christ.

10. I stand firm in my identity as a child of the God in Heaven that cannot fail, and I refuse to participate in any satanic feast.

11. Lord Jesus, fill me with Your Word and Your presence, so that there is no room for spiritual defilement.

12.Eternal God, I pray by the decrees of Heaven that every spiritual appetite forbidden things to be uprooted from my life.

13. Mighty Redeeming Father, today Lord break any soul ties with evil spirits that try to feed me in my dreams in Jesus name, Amen.

14. Father in Jesus name, I pray that my dreams are a realm of God’s light and truth, where darkness has no place.

15. In the most powerful name of Jesus, I stand on the Solid Rock that cannot fail to reject any negative influence on my physical health and well-being due to past experiences of eating in my dreams in Jesus name.

16. I pray for divine discernment to recognize and resist any satanic invitations in my sleep in Jesus name, Amen.

17. Lord Jesus, cleanse my thoughts and desires, making me less susceptible to spiritual attacks.

18. I pray for the Holy Spirit to guard my dreams and reveal any hidden schemes.

19. Father in Jesus name, I pray that my body and spirit are sustained by the Word of God, not by any demonic offering.

20. Might Redeemer, let the angels of God to stand guard over my dreams, preventing any form of spiritual contamination.

21. In Jesus name, I stand to break the power of any ancestral or generational ties connected to the mightmare of eating in the dream in Jesus name.

22. Might God in the name of Jesus, I pray by the decrees of Heaven that any spirit responsible for feeding me in dreams to lose its hold and depart from me.

23. Dear Lord, fill me with Your joy and satisfaction, so that I am not enticed by false pleasures in my dreams.

24. Father in Jesus name, I pray that I am an overcomer through Christ, and no spiritual attack can prevail against me.

25. I stand on the promises of Psalm 91, trusting in Your protection over my dreams and my life.

26. Father in Jesus name, I pray that my dreams are a platform for receiving divine revelations and guidance, not for spiritual entrapment.

27.In Jesus name, I pray for the power of God’s love to cast out any fear or anxiety associated that may stem from eating in the dream, Amen.

28. Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus, empower me to resist temptation in all areas of my life, including the dream realm.

29. Father Lord,  I ask that you bring to bare and destroy all forms of spiritual covenant or agreement that allows bringing about the horrible experience of eating in the dream, Amen.

30. Father in Jesus name, I pray that my dreams are aligned with God’s purpose for my life, and no demonic interference can change that.

31. Might Redeemer, Ip ray today that the Fire of God burn away any spiritual contamination from as a result of dream eating, Amen.

32. I pray for strength and self-control to make healthy choices in my waking life, reflecting in my dreams as well.

33. Lord, reveal any open doors or vulnerabilities in my life that is used by darkness to perpetrate eating in dreams. Amen

34. Lord Jesus, I reject any false pleasure or satisfaction that comes from demonic food eating in dreams, choosing to find fulfillment in You alone.

35. Father in Jesus name, I pray that my mind is renewed by the Word of God, and I am not subject to the schemes of the enemy.

36. Might Redeemer, let the power of God’s Word to dismantle and destroy any demonic table that is set before me in dreams.

37. Father in Jesus name, I pray that my body right now be filled with the Holy Spirit according to Your word, and that every defilement and demonic connection the world of darkness be severed in Jesus name, Amen.

38. Mighty God, I stand in the authority of Jesus Christ your True Son to declare my victory over any form of spiritual attack, witchcraft causing me to feed in my dreams, Amen.

39. Might Redeemer, let forgiveness toward anyone who may have participated in spiritual attacks against me, entrusting them to God’s justice.

40. I thank You, Lord, for Your faithfulness, protection, and deliverance from the snare of eating in the dream. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

I pray…

By the decrees of Heaven, Lord I pray for the Vessel reading praying these prayers that you help them overcome every life-threatening challenge of eating in dreams, and that You lead them to a place of spiritual victory and perpetual freedom in Jesus, name, Amen!

You’re free!

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