20 Prayers against the spirit of untimely death 

Prayers against the spirit of untimely death

It is not desirable that children of God die in their youth, or die before fulfilling their purpose on earth. Untimely death usually leaves sorrow in the hearts of the deceased loved ones, and aside from that, many great things that were to come are cut short. Whether you have premonitions of dying or not, it is important to always pray against every spirit of untimely death around us. Once in a while, you can also undergo fasting exercises to make The prayers even more powerful.

When we pray against the spirit of death, we invoke the hosts of heaven to come and protect us and ward off every dark spirit that might be wandering around us. Would you like to pray against the spirit of untimely death and you need guidance in the form of prayer points? 

We have penned down below 20 prayers you can say when you want to embark on spiritual warfare against the spirits of untimely death. 


Heavenly Father, I’ve come on to you today that you protect and redeem my soul from the snare of untimely death. Oh Lord deliver me from the power of the grave, in Jesus’ mighty name.


Oh Blessed Jesus, king of kings, Lord of Lords, the protector of the downtrodden and the deliverer of the helpless, as a mother hen protects her baby chicks from the strike of hawks oh Lord protect me from the grip of death. Untimely death is not my portion in Jesus name.


For our Lord Jesus Christ, the son of the almighty living God has triumphed over sin and over temptation, over fear, over pain, and over death, none of these is my portion in Jesus mighty name. For you have promised me that I shall not die, but live to declare the Works of the most high in the land of the living, and so shall it be in Jesus name.


Every spirit of untimely death lingering around me and my abode, I decree the power of the holy ghost this moment, evacuate in the name of Jesus. For mine is long life and not untimely death, I shall not know death in my youth, in the name of Jesus.


Every terminal sickness inside of me, any sickness that is defying medication, any illness that has been programmed by the evil doers to cut my life short, by the power in the blood of Jesus, I proclaim that all these are nullified in my body from today on, in Jesus name. I am one with the holy spirit, and the holy spirit in me is more powerful than any infirmity in my body, the spirit of God prevails over every life threatening sickness, in the make of Jesus. 


Oh Lord my father who art in heaven, do not let the will of the enemies over my life come to pass. For it is you who gave me life, and I say this very day, except you take this life from me, I will be no victim to any spirit of untimely death in Jesus name I pray. 


I plea the sweet spirit of the holy ghost upon my life, the protection of the hosts of heaven and release from the bondage of untimely death, in Jesus mighty name I pray.


I destroy every weapon of untimely death against me with the power of the holy ghost. By the power in the sweet blood of Jesus Christ, no weapon of untimely death fashioned against me shall prosper, in the name of Jesus. 


Dear heavenly Father, I set my eyes upon you for protection against the evil hands of death, I shall not be snatched away from this world untimely, in Jesus mighty name I pray.


By the power vested in us as sons and princes of the heavenly Kingdom, I command every evil hand of untimely death pointed at me to begin to wither and die, in the name of Jesus


Oh Lord God my father, help me locate any coven of the underworld that has been assigned to see to my untimely death, and let the divine raging storms of heaven destroy them in the mighty name of Jesus. 


I declare myself as a child of the almighty living God and recommit my life into his able hands, no power of death will prevail over my life in the name of Jesus.


I silence every voice of darkness speaking untimely death into my life in Jesus name.


Every evil altar that has been set up to 

cause problems in my life, even resulting in an untimely death, I declare and I decree by the power in the mighty blood of Jesus, let every such altar be disgraced and crushed to dust by the holy ghost. 


Every door of affliction into my life, doors of untimely death, Father Lord I begin to shut them this very moment in the name of Jesus. I close any entrance of sickness and untimely death in the name of Jesus. 


I cancel the expectations of the wicked upon my life in Jesus name. No evil agenda that is not the will of God for my life will come to pass in the mighty name of Jesus.


 Father Lord, anybody whosoever, who has made evil plans to bring about my untimely death, let such persons fall into their own destruction in Jesus mighty name.


Any strange hand that is concocting evil plans to jeopardise and cut short my life, I pray the holy ghost fire descends and consumes them in the name of Jesus. 


I plead the blood of Jesus over my life, my going out and my coming is covered with the blood of Jesus. By the power in the holy ghost, I will not die young in the name of Jesus.


Thank you Lord for your protection over my life, for the security of self, I glorify you God. I pray you continue to keep me hidden from the eyes of untimely death. In Jesus name I prayed, Amen.


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