15+ Prayers For Church Finances 

Prayers For Church Finances 

1st Corinthians 29:14 shows us that we should give back to God as he has given us generously. God is the giver of all wealth and when tithes and offerings are made, we are to give back to the poor or invest it in building God’s kingdom. Although this might be your intention, the devil springs up different temptations and greedy people in the church.

 This prayer points to asking God for wisdom and guidance so that you’re not misled by the world and forget that the giver of all good things is God. May your church Finances be used in a way that’ll glorify God and him alone. In Jesus’ name.

Prayers For Church Finances

Proverbs 3:9-10, Heavenly Father, we exalt your name and glorify you because you are God, thank you for bringing abiding members into our midst. Who honor giving their first fruit to you and bring offerings to you. Jesus, we glorify your name and give you all the praise, In Jesus’s name!

Proverbs 3:13-14, Dear lord, let there be an outflow of wisdom and knowledge as we use this church’s. Let your holy spirit guide us to use this for only things that’ll benefit the growth of the church and your kingdom at large. Let greed not fill our hearts, let our hearts be full of submission only to you, oh Lord. In Jesus name

2 Corinthians 9:7, Lord bless the givers of this church finances. Both does who gave to you through tithes and offerings and does who contributed directly to the building of your temple. Jesus, let your angels send every one of them their breakthrough and healing. As they have given they shall never lack, you shall place multiple finances in their hands in Jesus’ name.

Father bless every one of us with the spirit of discernment that we may not do of the will of our hearts, thinking it was from your spirit. Guide every member of the church to give as Christ has given to him. In Jesus’ name. 

Malachi 3:10, Father let there be an increase in our Finances, to build your temple and carry out your work to the best of our abilities. Let the heaven gate open and let our finances be multiplied just like the 12 loaves of bread and fish increased. Bless us with increments, in Jesus’ name.

Lord, strengthen our faith in you. Let us continue to trust you in provision for this church and your kingdom. You’ve never sent anyone on a journey and not been given sufficient tools to complete it. Dear lord let our faith grow in you, in Jesus’ name.

Jesus turn our hearts against greed and malicious intent. The love of money is the root of all evil and therefore can cause chaos and disunity. Lord let this money not divide us but bring us stronger as a church. May our heart be submissive only to your will, In Jesus’ name.

King of kings may our financial stability as a church be seen as a testimony and pull other believers towards your light. May it strengthen our faith in you and guide other lost souls to your kingdom. In Jesus’s name.

Philippians 4:19, Dear lord, help us to extend this finance to do thoroughly in need. Help us help the helpless and provide shelter and clothing to those who don’t have them. Let us not give to those who are already well-to-do and forget those who cry for your help Abba. In Jesus’s name.

Psalms 118:28, Jesus, instill gratitude in our hearts to always be thankful to you, for all that you have done and more that you’ll do, in Jesus’ name.

Matthew 28:19-20, Lord let the ways we use this church finances draw in members and increase your kingdom. Let it be used in a way that people from far and near will want to come into your presence and worship.

Isaiah 41:10, Lord let no accident or issue arise during the usage of this finance for whatever purpose you’ve designed it to be used for. Let the devil not orchestrate any plan that’ll sidetrack us from its original uJesus’ in Jesus’ name!

1 Peter 5:7, Lord, we commit any project this money will be used for into your hands, may the enemy not cause it to fail. It shall be successful and at the end of the day bring glory and honor to your name alone. In Jesus name!

Psalms 107:1, Father we give you all the glory because we know that whatever we use this finance for it will be great, it shall bring good news and favor. It shall open doors of abundance and lift us to greater heights. In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

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