15 Prayers for Divine Guidance and Protection  

15 Prayers for Divine Guidance and Protection  

We live in a world of danger. The Devil and his cohort are causing evil to the world and those who are not divinely protected by God will be a victim of devil cruelty. so for the Believers to escape the fiery darts of Satan, they must engage in very serious protection prayers. 

In this article, some powerful divine guidance and protection are written with some scriptural verses. 

 15 prayers for protection and divine guidance 

  1. Psalm 51:12: Dear God of heaven, I come before you in this very moment asking for protection, save and deliver me from the arrows of the enemies. You are the only refuge that I can run to at this very time, I seek refuge in you, and I pray that you shield me with your protective fire and drive Satan away from me. Amen


  1. Romans 8:6: I pray dear Lord that you give me the grace to safeguard my mind from the corruption of this world. Help me to feed my mind with your daily life and help me not conform to the things of this world. Amen


  1. Dear God, I commit every member of my family unto your hands, I want to preserve their life from danger, and deliver them from the snare of the Fowler, I pray that you keep evil away from them, I pray that you encourage them when they are down, grant their heart with your peace and let them know that you are the one that can only save them from the pollution of the world.


  1. Almighty God of heaven, I pray as I am going out to meet my daily needs, deliver me from killers, cancel every plan of the enemy over my life, surround me with your righteousness, guide my heart with your holiness, guide my steps according to your law and keep me safe from every unforeseen danger. Amen


  1. Dear Lord God, as I want to go to bed, I want you to be with me, hold me with your loving protection, let me dream of heaven, and send your angels to ensure my safety throughout my sleep.


  1. I am interceding for my husband that you will guide him in everything he will be doing. Deliver him from every danger in Jesus’ name, help him to lean on you for wisdom, protect him by the mighty power in your name, and keep his heart pure from things that defiled. Amen


  1. I pray for my children as they are growing up, may you keep them away from Satan, I pray that You surround and influence their lives with positive people, let Your Holy Spirit guide their lives, and give them the heart to love and trust when they are confused.


  1. Father, I pray that you deliver me from every imagination of the enemy, guard me from all wicked souls, protect me from their evil scheme, and may their plan be rendered useless. I pray you to save me from every spiritual force that is running the earth, let your blood saturate everything that concerns me, and help me to overcome temptations and I declare that your power will consume every evil agenda over my life. Amen. 


  1. I humbly ask dear God that you shy me from evil, keep me safe from the snare of my enemy,  equip me with your protective armor to fight against the devil, clothe me with your belt of truth to fight the injustice of satan, help me to wield the sword of holiness to cut-offs enemy head, put on me the shoe of power to tramp upon Satan and his warriors, help me to stay vigilant, help me to be steadfast in righteousness and holiness. 


  1. Dear God, I am committing my nation unto you, I ask that you protect the nation from any dangers, shield us from the attack of the enemy, keep all the citizens safe from any external and internal forces, remove every deadly disease away from our country, cleanse our country with your blood, as you delivered the children of Israel away from evil, save our nation from evil.


I pray for our leaders that you protect them, and guide them to rule the affairs of the nation in trust, give them the courage to make the right decisions even in difficult situations, and let your love flow in the heart of every citizen. Amen.


  1. Dear Father, I believe in your supremacy over the deeds of the enemy, I pray that you subject every activity of the enemies over my life and secure me from every force of spiritual attack.  deliver me from arrows that fly both in days and nights and no spiritual power will have any effects on me. Amen


  1. I conquer poverty in the name of Jesus, I conquer rising and falling, I conquer spiritual dominion upon my life in the name of Jesus. I conquer every power that is not making me achieve my dream, I pray for God’s guidance and protection never to depart from me. Amen


  1. Dear lord, cover me with your feathers of protection, I pray you to guard me against every dart of the wicked flying around. I pray that no disaster will come near me and no harm will overtake me. I will tread upon lips and scorpions and no epidemic will come near me. Amen


  1. Dear God, as I am embarking on a journey, may your protection follow me throughout the journey,  clear accidents from my way and I cover myself, the driver, and other passengers in the blood of Jesus. 


  1. Deliver me from every wicked and violent person,  anyone that is planning to injure me with a bad object, I pray you to sap out their energy in the name of Jesus. Help me not to be in the midst of injurious people, give me the sport of discernment to recognize and avoid the scheme of the wicked. 


Thank you dear Lord because I have to believe that my prayers are answered. Amen.


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