40 Prayers to Combat Perverted Pornography

40 Prayers to Combat Perverted Pornography

Are you presently struggling to stop pornography? Have you tried your best to resist this temptation yet it seems you are helpless? Does it seem like you are under a stronghold that has kept your heart and desires glued to watching pornography from time to time? You need to seriously pray against it with all your heart.

Galatians 5:17 “For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye would”.

Importantly you must engage in the study of God’s Word daily, This exercise is able to renew your mind, and transform you from the inside out,  (Romans 12:2)

Living a life of holiness free from all forms of filth requires a conscious effort to seek the face of God and communicate with Him through prayers, Also, to be addicted to pornography,  you must try your best to avoid all associations and events that can tempt you to watch pornography, as scripture clearly says: “flee all appearance of evil”.

For example, if staying alone is what prompts you to always watch pornography ensure to stay in the midst of godly people whose presence will not encourage such, As much as it lies in your power, you must avoid situations that can lure you to engage in this evil act.

The more you study the Word of God,  pray wholeheartedly, and keep a good pattern of communication with God, the less your desire for pornography will be, and as you flee all avenues of watching pornography, the Lord will release grace to overcome it, such that before long you will find yourself hating the same thing you couldn’t do without. ,

Remember scripture admonishes us to be sober and vigilant, for our adversary the devil goeth about seeking whom to devour  (1 Peter 5:8), Therefore, you must be aware that this battle against pornography is actually a  battle against the devil because the bible clearly helps us know that the devil is the originator of death and destruction (John 10:10) and anything you are engaged in that is capable of hindering the life of God in (John 1:4)  is solely targeted against your spiritual wellbeing and may cause you physical death or destroy you in the long run.

Prayers to tackle perveted Pornography

Hence you must pray with all your heart as you say these prayers to overcome pornography


  1. Oh Lord I appreciate you for your unending love upon me and my family
  2. Thank you for choosing to love me despite my inadequacies and foolishness.
  3. Thank you for your great grace that is available to all who seek your face and who desire to walk in your will
  4. Thank you for your Word for it carries grace to transform and renew the mind
  5. Thank you for your good plans for my future to you be all the glory
  6. Thank you Father for there is nothing too difficult for you to do,all the belongs to you
  7. Father I bless your holy name for your thoughts for me are of good and not of evil
  8. Oh Lord I ask for your mercy in every way I have gone against your purpose and will for my life
  9. Father, Lord, please restore my salvation by your mercy and grace
  10. I am tired of this life of perversion, save me oh Lord by your mighty outstretched arms
  11. Lord Jesus, Forgive me for engaging in this evil acts over the years, and please arise to set me free now by your mercy
  12. Heavenly Father, I ask that you help me to study your word daily and let your Word perform a divine transformation in my heart in the name of Jesus
  13. Dear Father in Jesus name,  I ask that you kill every desire for pornography in my heart this day in Jesus name
  14. Lord Jesus please cleanse me from every spiritual pollution caused bymy evil ways in Jesus name
  15. Father please create in me anew and clean heart in this season of my life in Jesus name
  16. Father please help me to truly know you by your mercy
  17. Please open my eyes to see my emptiness and filthiness before you that I may live to please you
  18. Help me to encounter you afresh daily by your Mercy
  19. Let your grace speak for me in this season of my life and sanctify me from all filthiness in Jesus name
  20. Help me Father not to render useless your sacrifice for me on the cross of calvary
  21. Help me oh Lord to indeed die to the flesh and live for your glory daily in Jesus name
  22. Heavenly Father please save me from every demonic oppression enforcing pornography in my life
  23. Save me from every evil spirit sent against me to ruin my life and my destiny
  24. Every  orchestration of darkness done to make me continually work against the will of God for my life, I command it to expire now in Jesus name
  25. I refuse to remain entangled in the works of darkness in Jesus name
  26. I am free and delivered by the blood of Jesus therefore pornography shall not hold me bound
  27. I receive the divine discipline to be focused on doing the things that please God for my life in Jesus name
  28. In Jesus name I separate myself from every demonic association that is causing me to go deep into sin in Jesus name
  29. Oh Lord please redirect my thoughts and focus in Jesus name
  30. I receive power to overcome every temptation to watch pornography in Jesus name
  31. I decree that the plots of the wicked shall not stand neither shall it come to pass in my life in Jesus name
  32. I refuse to  continuously work in error, I work in divine wisdom from this day,  in Jesus name
  33. Every good thing I have lost as a result of my sinful deeds I take them back by the power in the blood of Jesus Christ
  34. I decree that the peace of the Lord shall be my companion henceforth in Jesus name
  35. I render the power of pornography useless concerning my life and my destiny in Jesus name
  36. I free myself from the stronghold of sexual perversion in Jesus name
  37. Let my existence bring glory and honor to your name Lord
  38. As you heal and deliver me from pornography, help me to bring souls into your kingdom Lord
  39. Let others receive deliverance from pornography through me in Jesusname
  40. Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers

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