26 Prayers to Protect your Children from Evil

Prayers to Protect your Children from Evil

It sounds unfair when a child is said to be possessed by evil, but Satan does not care. A child under the influence of evil will exhibit some of the following.

John 10:10, The primary aim of Satan is to destroy the lives of people including children. Scriptures made it clear that the enemy is always walking about seeking whom he will destroy and kill. For this reason, parents must make sure that their children are well prayed for to escape the antics of Satan.

Luke 9: 37-42, Seizure, Matthew 15: 22-28, Possession by demons, others include A child falling down and hitting himself with injurious substances, displaying a sort of madness and spirit of violence, and so on.

This article will guide you as parents on the kind of prayers to pray against evil in the lives of your children.

Prayer for protection against evil for children.

1. Isaiah 43:1-3, Lord God, you are the God of protection, you are the one that protected the children of Israel from the evil hands of Pharaoh, you are the one that protected Daniel lion den, you are the one that protected the three Hebrews men from the hands of the burning fiery furnace, I lay my children unto y, our hands Lord, they will not be burned by fire in the name of Jesus, they will not be shot with any evil arrows shot from the enemy in the name of the Lord. Evplanvil plans and wishes against their life shall be null Jesus’ in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

2. Psalm 91:1-10, God, you are the great shelter. Anyone who takes shelter in your shadow will never be touched by any evil person. I commit my children unto your hands, no evil will come near them in the name of Jesus.

3. Matthew 18:10, Father, Income against every evil Spiritual influence upon my children. I pray at this moment that the power from Heaven will set my children free from every manipulation of evil in Jesus’ name.

4. Every Satanic stronghold that has been placed in the life of my children. I pray in the name of Jesus, be removed and Jesus in Jesus name.

5. Every Spirit controlling my children to be stealing, I cursed you to be out in Jesus’ Name.

6. Father, you are the deliverer, you are a chain breaker and I believe that there is nothing too hard for you to do. I pray now Lord, that every chain that has been used to tie down my children, every spiritual rope that has been used to tie down their destiny, which is hindering them from being what God has designed for them to be, by the name of Jesus, you that spiritual bondage, be lost in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

7. I am praying that you surround all my children with the flames of fires in Jesus’ name.

8. Every evil darkness that has been placed upon my children, the darkness that makes them be able to see with their physical and spiritual eye, Lord I pray, May your light from Heaven shine upon the dark Jesus’ Jesus name.

9. Lord, let your healing power touch my child’s name.

10. Lord, you are the one that raised Lazarus from the dead after three days, I pray for your supernatural power to raise my child from spiritual death in the name of Jesus.

11. Dear God, you are the greatest Doctor, and there is no sickness that you cannot heal, I pray that you heal my children from all physical and spiritual sickness in the name of Jesus.

12. The blood of Jesus that heals all diseases, that sets the captives free begins to flow upon my children in the name of Jesus.

13. Lord, let your Holy Spirit dwell richly upon my children in Jesus’ Name.

14. Every negative force the darkness that is remotely controlling my children to misbehave any time they are in public, I come against those forces to be consumed by fire in the name of Jesus.

15. Lord, the strength and the courage you gave David when he conquered Goliath, I pray dear God, that you release that strength, boldness, and courage upon my children’s lives so that they will be able to conquer every enemy of their lives in the mighty name of Jesus.

16. Every cause that has been placed upon my children, I decree in the name of Jesus, be destroyed!!!

17. From this moment, my children have dominion over evil powers in Jesus’ name.

18. All strongholds that are holding my children into captivity, I set them free from that bondage by the name of Jesus.

19. Let all my children continue to experience divine victory from the hands of the evil ones in Jesus name.

20. Every evil influence of sexual perversion, that is making my children to be behaving like a dog, Lord God, you are the mighty deliverer, deliver my children from those evil habits in Jesus name.

21. Dear Father, you are the merciful one, and there is no person you can’t have mercy on. I come on behalf of all my children, rain down your mercy of forgiveness upon their lives in the name of Jesus.

22. You are the one that gave wisdom to king Solomon, I pray you give unto all my children the wisdom to run away from evil in Jesus name.

23. Almighty God, direct all my children to the right path of righteousness and cause them to walk in the way of righteousness and holiness in the name of Jesus.

24. Lord, every evil scheme that the enemy had planned ahead for my children, scatter those schemes in Jesus name.

25. Every evil perpetrator that took a covenant of not letting my children be successful in life, I pray Lord, let arrows from Heaven combined with fire struck such an evil person to death in Jesus. Name.

26. Almighty God, I appreciate your name because all my prayers are answered. In Jesus name I have prayed. Amen.

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