20 Scriptures with Short Explanations for Spiritual Welfare 

20 Scriptures with Short Explanations for Spiritual Welfare 

As Christians, our type of battle is not a physical one that uses guns, bombs, or missiles. It is more than recruiting soldiers or requesting security to fight the enemy on the battlefield. The battle is a spiritual one, the one that fights against man’s greatest enemy, the Devil. 

The Christian weapons against the devil are prayers and the reading of the words of God. The sword of the spirit which is the Bible contains many things that can be used to put Satan down.  So, in this article, we will be taking a look at some 20 scriptural Bible verses that can be used to fight against Satan. 

20 scriptures with a short explanation for spiritual welfare.

  1. Galatian 5:17: This Bible verse made us understand that Spiritual battles are real. Satan is the number one enemy of mankind, and he doesn’t want men to enjoy life. Satan knew already that he had already lost Heaven, and because of this, he is in motion every day to distract mankind from the heavenly promise made by our lord Jesus Christ. So, as Christians, we ought not to sleep nor slumber, we have to put on all the whole armor of God, and we must make sure that we focus on the heavenly journey. 


  1. 1 Peter 5:8:  Lots of believers always misinterpreted this scripture, Satan is never the lion of the tribe of Judah, the only lion of Judah is our Lord Jesus Christ. Satan here is referred to as a wounded and hungry lion that is looking for careless Christians to destroy. Christian must devise spiritual plans to fight this wounded and hungry lion when he comes to hunt. Prayers daily are very important in the lives of Christians. 


  1. Matthew 4:10-11: Our Lord Jesus Christ who is our perfect example was seen in this scripture tempted after fasting 40 days and nights. The devil took him to the highest of the mountains, tempting Jesus to jump down. When he failed in that area, he asked Jesus to convert stone to bread so that he could eat, and lastly, he tempted Jesus to bow down for it. But praise be to God. Jesus overcame the Devil’s antics and commanded the Devil to leave his side. 


What Christians need to learn here is that the devil will always come with some temptations, especially at the lowest point of life. Believers must be well-guided in what they think and in what they say.


  1. Ephesians 6:11: Believers must put on all the spiritual armor such as soldiers will put on when going to war. The word of prayers to quench the devil, the breastplate of righteousness, and the unwavering faith in the Lord of the host are all required to be armored when engaging in spiritual battles with the devil. 


  1. Isaiah 54:17: In this verse from Isaiah the prophet delivers the ultimate confidence in the Lord that no matter the antics and play of Satan, it will never come to our side. Of course, the enemy will strike, and he will want to attack us, but we serve a nightly living God who will never allow the enemy’s arrow to touch our hair.


  1. James 4:7; This scripture verse explains the importance of a mutual relationship between Man and his creator, God. Submission to God’s commandment is only a criterion to be free from the Devil. We have to follow His teachings, read the scriptures, and check our spiritual daily life to see if we are still in a relationship with Him. If all these are followed, Satan will always be running away from us.


  1. Luke 10:19: Almighty God has given us the power to tramp upon Satan and his cohort. We are Sons and daughters of God. No matter how powerful Satan is, his power can never match God’s power. And because of this, when praying, always put satan under your feet. 


  1. Matthew 18:18-20: This verse is so powerful to Satan’s hearing. This is a promise that you need to be quoting anytime you are praying. When we pray as a child, we speak as the oracle of God. So, anything you pray in the sacred name of Jesus shall be answered.


  1. Matthew 18:20: There is power in corporate prayers. Praying together with some other people works more effectively than praying alone. If you have been praying and probably you are not getting an answer, I enjoined you to invite fellow believers whose anointing is higher than yours. You will see what I am talking about here.  


  1. 1 John 4:4: Once we surrender our lives to God, we are now God’s apple. And nothing on earth can ever touch God’s eyes. In this scripture, it is confirmed that already we have overcome the wicked one which is satan, which means there is nothing to fear. 


  1. Zechariah 4:6: This scripture explains that we don’t have power on our own to fight against Satan. The only one that can help us to overcome the devil is God. Whenever you are engaging in Spiritual warfare, always call upon the name of the Lord for help.


  1. Deuteronomy 28:7: When engaging in spiritual welfare, always quote this scriptural verse. Satan cannot attack God’s Children. If he now decides to come and attack, he will always be defeated. 


  1. Revelation 12:11: Praying in the name and blood of Jesus always irritates the Devil.  Satan fears that name. When engaging in spiritual welfare always use the name of Jesus, and always use the blood of Christ to saturate yourself. 


  1. Roman 8:31: Christians are encouraged in this verse of the scripture that nobody can be against us if we are with God. 


  1. Joshua 1:9: Anytime we are engaging in spiritual welfare, we must come not to tremble. We must come to the throne of grace with boldness and courage.


  1. 2 Corinthians 10:3-5: When praying, we must understand that we are not fighting against any man or woman but Satan.


  1. 1 Corinthians 15:15: We are enjoined here that even before we pray, we have already overcome. Always start and end your prayers with thanksgiving.


  1. Deuteronomy 3:22: In this scriptural verse, the only person to fear is God. We should not fear Satan because he has been defeated already.


  1. Psalm 18:39: You need to know that even before you pray, you have already overcome. Satan has been put under your feet and you are more than a conqueror. 


  1. Isaiah 40:21: Sometimes when engaging in spiritual welfare, fasting is very important. There are some welfare needs the backup of fasting before they can be overcome. Have you been praying for some time and have not received answers? I enjoined you at this moment to go into fasting and prayers. And by the power of Jesus, you will overcome.

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