Signs Your Relationship Is Under Attack & Counter Prayers

Signs Your Relationship Is Under Attack and Counter Prayers

Are you currently struggling in your relationship?  Is the love fire in your marriage beginning to go low?  Are you presently finding it difficult to satisfy or please your partner on a daily basis? Are you often angry and bitter against your partner due to the way they relate with you? All these are signs that your relationship is under attack and you must pray these counter prayers to stop the activities of darkness in your relationship.

Isaiah 54:17 “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord”.

Of a truth, in virtually all relationships, partners quarrel and have little misunderstandings which is believed to be a general part of any existing and growing relationship but when quarreling and countless misunderstandings become the order of the day, then partners must ensure to pray against every spiritual attack in their relationship

The bible encourages us to watch even as we pray (Matthew 26:41) so we don’t enter into any kind of temptation, in relationships The need to watch and pray alone is very important, most time what we do is watch physically but we don’t pray to conquer spiritually, while you may be reacting to the things that your partner is doing wrongly, it’s best to engage in fervent prayers so that every structure or connection of darkness assigned to disrupt the love and joy in your relationship can be dismantles by the fire of the holy ghost.

Several attacks are sent daily against us as believers not just to make us deviate from the will of God for our lives, but also to render our lives miserable and to get us frustrated through the things or persons that make us happy, as a matter of fact, it is the sole goal of the devil that every relationship will not fulfill their divine mandate which is bringing glory to God(Isaiah 42:21), this is why you must pray fervently against all attacks of the enemy regarding your relationship

In case you are still wondering if your relationship is really under any spiritual attack, check below for some of the signs of spiritual attack against relationships

  1. Frequent arguments and quarrels
  2. Display of anger and deep bitterness
  3. Loss of affection and commitment of one or both partner
  4. Lack of understanding and serious communication problems between both
  5. strong desire to pathways with a partner

If your relationship is experiencing any or all of the signs stated above, then you need to pray some violent prayers against the activities of the devil concerning your relationship, remember that the bible says only the violent take it by force (Matthew 11:12), therefore you must not take these prayers with a carefree attitude, instead pray with all your might, and as you do so, the Lord shall revive your relationship and restore His peace there in Jesus mighty name. Let’s proceed to the prayers to counter the attacks of the enemy

Prayers when your Relationship is under attack

  1. Oh Lord I appreciate your holy name for your mercy and your faithfulness upon my life
  2. Thank you for being my strength and shield in times of trouble
  3. Father, I thank you for the peace that you have promised me for it shall surpass all human understanding
  4. Thank you for the joy you have promised us in your Word for it shall be beyond words
  5. I thank you for your mercy that never fails
  6. Thank you for who you are and all you have done for me
  7.  Father, I bless you for your unending grace upon me and my partner
  8. Thank you for exposing the plots of the wicked to me and my partner
  9. Thank you Father for You are able to take away our fears and give us peace in return
  10. Father, I ask for your mercy in all ways I have sinned and fallen short of your glory in my actions words and thoughts
  11. Lord Jesus, I ask that you cleanse me from every form of unrighteousness and filth by your mercy
  12. Lord please show us the way to go in these terrible times we have found ourselves
  13. Let the plot of the wicked against my relationship be destroyed by fire in Jesus name
  14. I command every orchestration of darkness against my relationship to back fire in Jesus name
  15. I shall not lose my relationship to the tricks of the devil in Jesus name
  16.  My relationship shall stand the test of time and bring God glory in zJesus name
  17. I decree that the plans of the enemy against my destiny shall not prosper
  18. I reject every spirit of anger and wrath sent against my relationship in Jesus name
  19. I frustrate every demonic manipulation against my marriage in Jesus name
  20. The devil shall not win this battle in my relationship in Jesus name
  21. I come against every structure of darkness erected against my marriage in Jesus name
  22. I shall not weep over my marriage in Jesus
  23. I receive the grace to be spiritually sensitive in my relationship so as not to give the enemy place in Jesus name
  24. Father by your infinite mercy and grace please restore the love in my marriage in Jesus name
  25. Lord Jesus please do that which only you can do for me and my partner in Jesus name
  26. Let your will be done in my relationship
  27. I soak my marriage  in the blood of Jesus
  28. I decree that the peace of the Lord shall continue to reign in my relationship in Jesus name
  29. I command the future plans of the enemy against my marriage to be destroyed in Jesus name
  30. Father I ask that you help renew our love daily by your mercy
  31. Evil shall be far from my marriage in Jesus name
  32. We shall not be stranded in my relationship in Jesus name
  33. We shall not lack financially by the mercies of God in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  34. Favor is our portion Wherever we turn to
  35. I thank you Jesus for answering our prayers


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