10 Signs your Spiritual Life is Under Attack

Signs your Spiritual Life is Under Attack

The way to heaven requires constant reevaluation, Satan is very cunning, he might have convinced some believers to be exhibiting some certain behavior that can hinder them from going to heaven.

In this article, we will be checking out some red flags all believers need to avoid. And if you discover any of these in your life, make an amendment quickly.

1 Peter 5:8, The scripture admonishes to be watching and prayerful because the Devil is not resting, he is always on the move to attack the beautiful relationship that has already started after having an experience with God through salvation.

Glaring Signs your spiritual relationship with God is Under attack

1. Lack of hunger for God’s word

1 Peter 2:2, The word of God is powerful. The Scripture is the spiritual food that strengthens and nourishes the spirit, mind, and soul of every Christian. When a Christian begins to take no interest in reading the Bible when the Bible becomes boring and does not make good sense to the believer again, this is an indication that one’s spiritual relationship with God is under serious attack.

Among the first strategies Satan uses to pull a Christian out of the heavenly race is to make sure the believer does away from reading the word of God. Once Satan succeeded in removing the Bible from the life of any Christian, all other sins would start to manifest.

2. Pride

Proverb 16:18, Among many other things the Almighty God hates, is pride. Pride is deadly, it inflates a believer, and it arouses them to feel what they are not. Isaiah 14:12-24, It was pride that sent Lucifer out from heaven. And it was this same pride that caused King Herod to be instantly killed by an angel in Acts 12:20-23.

When a believer starts to feel omnipotent there is a presence of pride. Luke 22:33, The same pride almost drove Peter to hellfire, but thanks be to God’s forgiveness. Sometimes when a believer begins to conduct healing and deliverances to people, and miracles begin to follow, believers need to be very careful because Satan can use that avenue to put pride in, and this can make them heaven. May we not miss heaven in the name of Jesus.

3. Lack of prayer

Luke 18:1, The Bible admonishes Christians on the importance of prayer in our everyday life. Prayer is the backbone that supports the body and journey of a Christian. Without prayer, believers will be exposed to all the fiery darts of the wicked.

The moment a Christian begins to pray, the Devil rejoices. The devil understands that believers are safe when they play to God. And because of these, he can devise different cunning methods to make sure the prayer volume of a Christian is put to mute. The enemy strikes when prayer stops.

4. Exposure to worldly pleasures

Proverb 21:17, The Bible clearly warned believers about the dangers of associating with the things of the world. The association of the world brings corruption and can stain our white robe of righteousness and holiness.

The moment a believer starts to engage in the practices of the world instead of doing God’s work, the believer needs to seriously take a u and then back to the path of righteousness.

5. Committing outright sin

1 Timothy 4:1-2, Anyone that sin, transgress the law of the Almighty God. Sin is deadly, it draws the souls of men away from God.

When asaid believer starts to see sinning as a get away or normal way of life, such as a Christian is no longer on the path to Heaven. The believer needs to take note that this is the last day, and the Devil will be bringing in little sins such as lying to the mind of Christians, and if a Christian is not careful, little sins can eventually magnify into real sins.

6. Running away from church

Psalm 122:1, Scripture tells us not to depart from the fellowship of the brethren. The importance of why God instituted the church is to keep having fellowship with people who will draw us closer to God.

The moment a Christian starts having no interest in going to church, Satan and his cohort will be so happy and they will keep distracting such a believer from attending church services.

7. No self-examination

2 Corinthians 13:5, God expected believers to constantly check themselves if truly they are still in faith. Once a believer neglects the importance of self-examination, pride sets in and this may lead to backsliding.

8. Self-centredness

The Bible tells in Philippians 2:3, that Christians must not do things in conceit and vain glory. One of the first signs of backsliding is being self-centered.

A backslid Christian became self-reliant, and whatever he did, he acknowledged the praise back to himself. It is very dangerous when a believer drops God’s opinion and begins to focus on his limited grace.

9. Resistance to the Holy Spirit

1 Corinthians 9:9, God has placed the Holy Spirit to always guide and correct believers when they are on the verge of drifting away from the laws and commandments of God.

The moment a believer stops giving the Holy Spirit a chance to correct him, it is a dangerous sign that the spiritual life of such a believer is under serious attack.

10. Grieving the Holy Ghost

Ephesians 4:17-32, God is a merciful father. He sacrificed his only begotten Son, Jesus, to die for our sins, so that mankind can be delivered from the oppression of the Devil.

However, among many sins that can be forgiven, grieving the Holy Spirit can never be forgiven. The moment a believer starts to confess that Jesus Christ is not lord, and when the person begins to do things that are against the dirty and the supremacy of God.

In conclusion, Do you see any of these signs in your spiritual life? I am pleading for you right now to go down on your knees, plead for forgiveness from God, and dedicate back your life to God.

May you not be cast away in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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