10 Ways to Know a God-fearing Man

10 Ways to Know a God-fearing Man

What does it mean to fear God?

Deuteronomy 8:6, Fearing God is never in the concept of being fearful; fearing God means giving ultimate respect to the one who created the world. As Christians, we know of the supernatural and miraculous power of God. He is the King of kings, the Lords of Lords, the Omni-presence, and the Omni-Science. His love towards us is great and compassionate.
So, with all the uncountable attribution of God, as Christians, we have to pay reverence to Him.

Let’s see 10 characteristics of a man who fears God.

1. A God-fearing man walks in love

Ephesians 5:2, God Almighty is love and so is everyone that claims to love God. Anyone who is born of God must endeavor to walk as Christ has walked in love when he was on earth. If we as Christians refuse not to love our neighbor, then how do we show that we love God?

No matter what the neighbor does to a God-fearing person, they won’t retaliate because Jesus has already commanded us to love our enemies. A God-fearing man is lovable, they respond with energies of compassion and they never go to an old saying that says “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.

2. A God-fearing man tamed his anger

Proverbs 15:18, Sometimes in the journey of life, we might encounter unpleasant situations with people around us and this might make us get angry. A God-fearing man understands that anger is an emotion; however, God has given us believers the power and the ability to control anger.

Anger is a boss to those who are not sanctified but it is a servant to those who fear God. Anytime time anger comes, a God-fearing person knows how to work and manage their temper.

3. A God-fearing man gives willingly

2 Corinthians 9: 6-8, God loves a cheerful giver and whenever a man gives, God always makes sure he repays the person in multiple folds. A God-fearing man understands the importance of giving. They knew that giving is a source of blessing. They are generous with God and they never run away from giving.

A God-fearing person gives in faith and does not care about their present financial situation. They love taking advantage of the law of harvest because they surely know that God will repay them heavily.

4. Always renews his mind

Roman 12:2, Apostle Paul admonished all Christians to make a decisive dedication to renewing our minds. We live in a world of corruption, and virtually, things going out in the air are being orchestrated by the devil. If however, a Christian is not careful and not watchful of the thoughts going into the heart, such a Christian can lose the salvation of God and will become a candidate for Hell if he is unable to repent when he dies.

A God-fearing person presents all his body members a living and holy sacrifice, holy devoted, and consecrated unto the Lord. A God-feared person understands the calling of God to be the light amid darkness. They use the word of God to resist the temptation that comes on their way.

6. Surrenders all to Jesus

James 4:7, Jesus said in the scripture that He is the Vine and we (believers are the branches). Without Jesus Christ intervening in our affairs, we will not be able to do things successfully. A God-fearing person believes that His willpower is not enough to give him the strength that is needed.
When you are on the verge of doing something good, a carnal mind brings in confusion, but the Holy Spirit can guide and direct you to fulfillment.

7. Aalways read the word of God

Psalm 109:105, The Lord commanded us that the book of the law (which is the word of God) should not be departed from our hearts. The word of God when daily read and applied brings out numerous blessings to the reader.

A God-fearing man enjoys blessings from God such as discovering the secrets to successful living, exposure to Satan’s tactics and how to tackle them, living daily victoriously, and breaking through barriers and difficulties..

8. Moves with Godly association

Psalm 1: 1-3, A God-fearing person moves with people who have the same spiritual and professional goals. They do not associate with bad associations; they know that Evil communication will one day corrupt their good manners. Bad communication affects one’s journey to success, the people we walk and commune with affect our growth. God-fearing man surrounds himself with like-minded, purpose-driven, vision-conscious people. They work on the same goal to achieve godly success in all their endeavors.

9. Prays

1 Chronicles 16:8, A God-fearing Man understands that the secret to receiving supernatural blessings from God is through prayers. Prayer is a key that our Father has given us to unlock different doors of blessing.

God-fearing man has the confidence that God answers prayers anytime he talks to Him.
The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man (a God-fearing man) availed much (James 5: 17b) A God-fearing man never gives up in prayer, he persists in prayers until something happens. God Almighty is waiting for his people to call on him in prayers because he (God) is still in the business of prayer and he is ready to answer.


Proverbs 14:23, Unfortunately, many Christians substitute prayers for hard work. They keep praying and praying meanwhile, they are indulged in laziness. God commanded every believer to work. God doesn’t work with lazy people, for He wants His children to be engaged in some activities that will require them to work.
A God-fearing person understands that for one to be successful in life, one must be hard-working.

The Lord commanded us that Whatever hand findeth to do, so must do it with all our might. When we work hard with diligence and dedication with perseverance, God will surely bring success to our path.

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